Instantaneous foam with great softness to be withdrawn easily with water. Indicated for the cleaning of all types of skin. It contains grape extract, oligoelements (magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese) and moisturizing agents. Respect the fragility of the sensitive skin. 150ml.
Lotion with grape extracts with anti-aging effect, it contains oligo elements and minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides.
Smooth day cream with grape polyphenols, powerful anti-radical action and protector of the fibers of collagen and elastin. It contains oligoelements, vitamins (A, E and B5), seaweed extract and UVB sunscreen filters that protects from premature aging. 50ml.
Anti-wrinkle cream that combines the action of alpha-hidroxiacidos (lactic and glycolic), vitamin E and polyphenols, along with a filter sunscreen. Gently removes dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. It clarifies and consolidates the tone of the skin, moisturizing and eliminates small wrinkles. 50ml.
Anti-ageing complete treatment. Global formula with neuropeptides for a decontracting action, and soya extract, polyphenols and vitamins, regenerating and protecting. Has a high firming and revitalising potencial. 50ml
Anti-ageing serum with a high concentration in active ingredients for a synergic action against all the skin ageing causes. Neuropeptides and polyphenols that combine their intensive decontracting and regenerating effects. 50ml.
Decontracting and wrinkle smoothing intensive effect, and dark circles whitening. Contains grape polyphenols of Kianty Experience line, with global anti-ageing effects. 15 ml.
Eyes and lips cream. Formulated with viniferin, obtained by enzimatic reactions from the grape juice, rich in polyphenols and resveratrol. Contains a great variety of anti oxidant polyphenols that permit an anti ageing action over the epidermis. It also reduces the rings and bags under the eyes, due to the circulatory activation of the eye contour. 15ml